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The Edwards Aquifer is a remarkable resource that sustains our entire region with clean, fresh water.

Rapid unplanned growth is destroying the natural system that channels rainfall through the fractured limestone and caverns to our underground reservoir.Because of the complex, cavernous nature of our aquifer, it is both highly vulnerable to contamination and could be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to clean up the aquifer should high level contamination occur.

Hazardous substances are reaching our aquifer through a variety of pathways.  Leaking septic systems and sewer lines, leaking underground storage tanks and piping, accidental spills, storm water runoff from streets and lawns, improper handling of toxic materials, and illegal dumping are currently posing risks to the health of present and future citizens who must rely on the Edwards Aquifer as their source of drinking water.

As the landscape of the Recharge and Contributing Zones of the Edwards and Trinity aquifers change from ranchland to urban development, the number of potential contaminant sources is increasing. The obvious course of action that will preserve our community’s healthy environment and economy is to prevent the contamination of this irreplaceable water supply.

Aquifer Protection Plan

AGUA’s comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to protecting our water