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AGUA is a coalition of concerned individuals and citizen groups working together to preserve the environmentally sensitive Edwards Aquifer. We educate about, and take action to protect the Aquifer and the quality of life of residents and the sustainability of businesses in the Edwards Aquifer region.

We work to protect the natural and cultural heritage and public health and safety of the region. We accomplish that by advocating for strengthening regulations designed to protect the aquifer, ensuring enforcement of existing laws, alerting the public to impending threats, and mobilizing public opinion to support aquifer protection efforts.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation based in San Antonio, Texas and supported entirely by grants and donations. Consequently, we depend on volunteer efforts of  numerous citizens, students, and others who share in our vision of clean, safe drinking water for the future. We do not accept funds from any source that might interfere with our ability to speak out on policies that affect aquifer protection.
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The hidden heart of Texas - the Edwards Aquifer Ecosystem - provides the essential life source for the people and wildlife of San Antonio, Texas. Prolific, fragile, and mysterious, the Aquifer, its contributing watersheds and its Great Springs supply drinking water for more than 1.8 million people, support recreation for millions of Texans and tourists alike, and provide habitat for more than 50 species of plants and animals that live here and nowhere else on Earth.
The portion of the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone within the City of San Antonio’s city limits and its extraterritorial jurisdiction is highly vulnerable to contamination.  The rapid encroachment of under-regulated urban development is the greatest threat to the purity of the Edwards Aquifer.

We have it within our power to protect our drinking water

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